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I was shocked when I found out that diapers take 500 years to decompose, and they release toxic chemicals into the environment while they do so! With so many little people in our household I try to be aware of our impact on the environment and choose products wisely. I was thrilled when I discovered that Nest Diapers are made with naturally derived ingredients, so they’re safe on Lucy’s bum and will decompose quickly and without harming our beautiful planet. We’ve been using them for awhile now and they’re fantastic. I wanted to really use them for some time first before writing a post, so I could give my best feedback for you all! Lucy has put them through the wringer with her poo’s and I’m so impressed with their outstanding quality! They’re so soft, and most importantly we’ve been dealing with fewer blowouts and absolutely zero diaper rash occurrences with Nest Diapers, compared to the non-environmentally conscious brand we were using previously! All of this and their commitment to our earth makes me one happy mama!

I can’t believe that this baby girl is already 4.5 months old! Still no giggles, but we are working hard to hear her first! She’s enjoying shrieking and sticking her tongue out and had her first food! I’ll be posting soon on some of our favorite baby gear finds that have stood the test of time and remained my go-to’s for all four babies!

Oh my goodness! My heart could just explode when I see these boys with their baby sister. I can’t believe that I used to be scared that we might be dealing with jealousy. We haven’t had one bit one of it! They’re so enamored with her. She can make the tiniest, little squeak and they’ll jump all over her making her happy and trying to get her to smile!

Well, it certainly wasn’t what any of us were planning for, but it looks like I am going to be home-schooling the boys until further notice. It should be a wild ride, but as someone who was home-schooled throughout elementary school, I am looking forward to the flexibility that comes with it! I truly have some serious respect for those of whom are teachers! I think we are going to be doing quite a bit of ABCmouse and a lot of hands-on projects, since my boys still have a short attention span. Plus, I am always one for experiments and getting dirty with new projects! Pintrest has been my life-line all this Summer, with tips and ideas on how to keep the boys entertained and engaged while school has been out, and it looks like my love of Pintrest will continue to run strong through the fall! Please share any projects that were a big hit around your house! I am always looking for more ideas and will share some of our favorites soon! 🙂

How is it back-to-school season so soon?

I’m going to have one in Pre-K, the twins will be in Preschool, and an infant. Should be a pretty wild Fall 2020 for the Koenen bunch.

Since the Pre-K requires uniforms, I actually took the time to sit down and get all of his clothes together! Here are some finds from his Pre-K uniform haul. Click here if you’d like to shop it, as many of the finds are on sale!